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Butterfly cable introduction

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Butterfly cable introduction

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Butterfly cable is a new type of user access optical cable. According to the application environment and laying conditions, the cable structure and various technical parameters are reasonably designed. The characteristics of indoor soft cable and self-supporting optical cable are collected. Special equipment is used to match imported precision mold. produce. It is the best alternative product for FTTX network, and it plays its unique role in building intelligent buildings, digital communities, campus networks, local area networks and other networks.

Butterfly cable characteristics

The UV-stained fiber and the fiber-optic direct extrusion sheath are the leading technologies in the country. On the basis of fully guaranteeing that the performance indexes of the fiber are better than the relevant national standards, the problem of the difficulty of peeling off the tight cable is completely solved.

The cable has small outer diameter, light weight, low cost, good softness and bending performance, and is widely used.

Light and easy to lay, low construction cost, fast, flexible and fast.

The fiber optic cable has high compressive strength and tensile strength, and the self-supporting structure can meet the flying span of 50 meters.

The use of FRP reinforced materials ensures the safety requirements for lightning strikes and high electrical environments when the cable is used outdoors.

The use of halogen-free flame retardant materials meets the requirements for flame retardant performance of optical cables in indoor use.

Main use of butterfly cable

The connection of optical communication networks; the connection of towers to the engine room, towers to buildings and buildings;

An alternative soft cable is used for indoor wiring;

Realize engineering emergency and application under special conditions.

FTTH home cable

Butterfly cable:

Chinese name: butterfly network cable for access network

Also known as the leather cable, it is a fiber optic cable that is widely used in the user-introduced section of the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. It is also suitable for users of other fiber-optic FTTO and FTTB networks.

The cross-section is like a butterfly, so it is called. Both sides are reinforcing members in the leather line and optical fibers in the middle.

FTTH offline cable

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