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Cable manufacturers analyze the difference between OPGW cable and ADSS cable

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Cable manufacturers analyze the difference between OPGW cable and ADSS cable

Date of release:2019-04-17 Author: Click:

Cable manufacturers today lead everyone to understand the difference between OPGW cable and ADSS cable.

ADSS cable features:

Performance characteristics:

    The aramid yarn is reinforced around, and the anti-elasticity is good. The fiber is not injured when it is shot at a distance of about 10 meters.

    No metal, anti-electromagnetic interference, lightning protection, strong electromagnetic field

    Excellent mechanical and environmental performance

    Light weight and convenient construction

    Save on line construction costs with existing towers

    Can be erected to reduce the loss caused by power outage

    Independent of the power line, easy to overhaul

     It is a self-supporting optical cable, and does not require auxiliary wires such as hanging wires.

Cable manufacturer

Structural features:

    The fiber is loosely wrapped in the casing

    Cable core structure

    The twisting method is SZ stranding

    Outer sheath has anti-corrosion function

    The main bearing parts are aramid yarn

OPGW cable features:


     Fiber unit (stainless steel tube, aluminum-clad stainless steel tube)

     Strengthening of metal monofilament (aluminum-clad steel, aluminum alloy)

Performance characteristics:

     All metal

     Excellent mechanical and environmental performance

     Good compatibility with ground wire, almost identical mechanical and electrical properties

     Realize fiber-optic communication, while shunting short-circuit current and guiding lightning current

Scope of application:

     Applicable to power systems, especially high-voltage new lines of 110KV and above.

     At the same time, optical fiber communication and grounding functions are realized.

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