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Fiber optic cable list

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Fiber optic cable list

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First, layered outdoor optical cable

The layered outdoor optical cable is generally composed of a cable core and a sheath of a layered structure, wherein the sheath further comprises a sheath and a possible outer sheath.

1. The core of the cable core usually includes a central reinforcing member, a loose fiber-optic layer (including possible filling ropes), possible yarns, tapes, water-blocking materials and non-metal auxiliary reinforcing members. 1.1 fiber

The optical fiber is generally a single-mode fiber or a multi-mode fiber, and the surface of the fiber coating layer has a full-color color code and does not fade or migrate. The color is generally blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, powder 1.2 loose tube and its water blocking material

The fiber is usually placed in a PBT loose tube, and the remaining length should be evenly stable. The number of fibers in each loose tube should not exceed 12 cores. The outer diameter of the loose tube and the wall thickness are designed according to customer requirements or industry standards. The color code of the loose tube is generally full chromatogram, or it can be a ring or strip color scale.

In the filled and semi-dry cable, the gap in the loose tube needs to be continuously filled with the thixotropic paste compound. In the full dry cable, a solid water blocking material should be placed in the interstitial of the loose tube.

1.3 filling rope

The filling rope is used to fill the vacancy in the loose fiber strand, and the outer diameter should be rounded. The rope is a round plastic rope, and its surface should be round and smooth.

1.4 reinforcement

The reinforcing member should be at the center of the cable, which can be metallic or non-metallic, depending on the type of cable. If necessary, a non-metallic auxiliary reinforcing member is allowed to be placed at an appropriate position around the core.

1.5 strand

The same strand consists of a loose-fitting fiber unit of the same outer diameter (including possible fill cords) with a suitable pitch layer around the central reinforcing member. The number of fiber units in the strand (including possible fill ropes) is typically 5-12 units, but more units are allowed. The layer stranding can be a spiral strand or a SZ strand.

1.6 yarn

When a spiral twist is used, the strand may have a short pitch twisted yarn opposite to the strand, or may be absent; when the SZ strand is used, the strand shall have a short pitch yarn, so that the strand Stable structure: The skein should be a non-hygroscopic and non-oil absorbing plastic yarn bundle of sufficient strength, or a water blocking yarn.

1.7 belt layer

Outside the strand of the cable core, there may be a wrap layer of wrapped or longitudinally wrapped: no additional ties are allowed outside the longitudinal cladding. The tape material should be a polyester tape of sufficient strength, a polyester nonwoven tape, a water barrier tape, or other suitable tape.

1.8 water blocking material

All barriers within the cable jacket shall have effective water blocking measures. The gap between the tape and the core is continuously filled with the cyan composite in the filled light, and the water blocking tape or the water blocking yarn is continuously placed in the semi-dry and dry cable. The gap between the tape and the sheath should be continuously filled or continuously placed with the water blocking tape or the water blocking yarn, or the water blocking ring can be arranged at intervals.

2, sheath

The commonly used sheath of the optical cable has an aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath (referred to as A sheath), a steel-polyethylene bonded sheath (referred to as S sheath) and a polyethylene sheath. The surface of the black polyethylene sleeve should be round and smooth, and there should be no visible bubbles, blisters and cracks in any cross section.

3, outer sheath

The outer sheath consists of an armor layer and a jacket. The armor layer is generally a steel belt armor, a galvanized steel wire armor, a non-metallic reinforcing tape armor, etc.: the jacket is generally a black polyethylene sleeve.

Tight cable

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