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Cable manufacturers tell you: measures to reduce fiber splice loss

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Cable manufacturers tell you: measures to reduce fiber splice loss

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Fiber quality


Cable manufacturers tell you:

1. Try to use the same batch of high-quality brand-name bare fiber on one line. For the same batch of fiber, the mode field diameter is basically the same. After the fiber is disconnected at a certain point, the mode field diameter between the two ends can be regarded as the same. Welding at this break point minimizes the effect of mode field diameter on fiber splice loss. Therefore, the optical cable manufacturer is required to use the same batch of bare fiber to continuously produce according to the required length of the optical cable, sequentially numbering and distinguishing the A and B ends on each disk, and not jumping the number. When laying the optical cable, it shall be laid out according to the determined routing sequence according to the number, and ensure that the B end of the front cable is connected with the A end of the latter optical cable, so as to ensure that the connection can be welded at the breaking point during the connection, and the welding loss value is reached. The smallest.

2. Optical cable erection is carried out in accordance with the requirements. In the cable laying facility, it is strictly forbidden to make small loops and folds and twists. 3km cable must be constructed by more than 80 people, 4km must be constructed by more than 100 people, and 6-8 walkie-talkies must be equipped; The heeling method of the heel and the shoulder of the cable can effectively prevent the occurrence of the back button. The traction should not exceed 80% of the allowable cable, and the instantaneous maximum traction should not exceed 100%. The traction should be added to the reinforcement of the cable. The laying of the optical cable should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the optical cable construction, thereby minimizing the probability of damage to the optical fiber during the construction of the optical cable, and avoiding the increase of the welding loss caused by the damage of the optical fiber core.

3. Select experienced and well-trained fiber optic splicers for splicing. Now the fusion splicing is mostly the fusion splicer automatic welding, but the level of the continuation personnel directly affects the size of the splicing loss. The continuation personnel should follow the flow chart of the fiber fusion process in strict accordance with the flow chart of the fiber fusion process, and the OTDR should be welded on one side to test the connection loss of the fusion splice point. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be re-welded. For the point where the value of the fusion loss is large, the number of repeated welding times is preferably 3-4 times. When the welding loss of multiple fibers is large, the cable can be cut off and re-opened.

4. The connecting optical cable should be operated in the dusty and humid environment in the clean environment. The connecting parts of the optical cable and the tools and materials should be kept clean. The optical fiber connector should not be damp. The optical fiber to be cut must be clean and not dirty. Things. After cutting, the fiber must not be exposed to excessively long air, especially in dusty and humid environments.

5. Select the high-precision fiber end face cutter to prepare the fiber end face. The fiber end face directly affects the welding loss. The cut fiber should be a flat mirror surface, no burr, no defect. The axis tilt angle of the fiber end face should be less than 1 degree. The high-precision fiber end face cutter not only improves the success rate of fiber cutting, but also improves the quality of the fiber end face. This is especially important for fusion joints that are not tested by OTDR (ie, OTDR test blind spots) and fiber maintenance and repair.

6. The fusion splicer should be used correctly. The function of the fusion splicer is to fuse the two fibers together, so the correct use of the fusion splicer is also an important measure to reduce the loss of the fiber. According to the type of fiber, correctly set the welding parameters, pre-discharge current, time and main discharge current, main discharge time, etc., and remove the dust in the fusion machine in use and after use, especially the fixture, mirror and v-groove. The removal of dust and fiber debris inside. The fusion splicer should be placed in the welding environment for at least fifteen minutes before each use, especially in places where the installation and use environment are different (such as indoors and outdoors in winter), according to the current conditions of air pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. , reset the discharge voltage and discharge position of the fusion splicer, and adjust the v-slot driver to reset.

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