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Power cable manufacturers tell you: Can multimode fiber be used with single mode optical modules?

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Power cable manufacturers tell you: Can multimode fiber be used with single mode optical modules?

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Power cable manufacturers tell you:

We know that both fiber and optical modules are available in both single-mode and multi-mode versions. So we may have questions about the use of single-mode/multi-mode fiber and single-mode/multi-mode optical modules. they

Can you mix it? The following questions will be answered by answering questions.

Q: What is the difference between single mode fiber and multimode fiber?

Answer: Single-mode fiber uses solid-state laser as light source; multimode fiber uses light-emitting diode as light source; single-mode fiber transmits bandwidth and transmission distance is long, but because it requires laser source, the cost is higher.

High; multimode fiber has low transmission speed and short distance, but its cost is relatively low; single mode fiber core diameter and dispersion are small, allowing only one mode of transmission; multimode fiber core diameter and dispersion are large, allowing hundreds of modes


Q: What is the difference between a single mode optical module and a multimode optical module?

A: The operating wavelength of the multimode optical module is 850 nm; the operating wavelength of the single mode optical module is 1310 nm, 1550 nm; the device used in the single mode optical module is twice that of the multimode optical module, so the single mode optical module

The overall cost is much higher than that of multimode optical modules; the transmission distance of single mode optical modules can reach 100km; the transmission distance of multimode optical modules can reach 2km.

Q: Where are the single mode/multimode fiber and single mode/multimode optical modules applied?

A: Single-mode fiber can directly transmit fiber to the center, which is generally used for long-distance data transmission. Optical signals in multi-mode fiber propagate through multiple paths. Therefore, multimode fiber is often used for short-distance data transmission.


Single-mode optical modules are commonly used in metro networks with relatively long distances and relatively high transmission rates; multimode optical modules are used for short-distance transmission.

Q: Can multimode fiber be used with single mode optical modules? If not, what is the reason?

A: No. Multimode fiber is best used with multimode optical modules, because multimode and singlemode converters must have corresponding wavelength and optical transceiving functions to achieve photoelectric conversion, so multimode fiber can be combined with single

The use of the die module together cannot guarantee the effect.

Q: Our computer rooms are all single-mode optical modules. The optical fiber is multi-mode. Is the optical module of the equipment room all replaced with multi-mode?

A: It is best to switch to multimode optical modules. It is not possible to mix single mode and multimode. Because the core diameters of single mode fiber and multimode fiber are very different, the insertion loss will be too large when the two match.

Optical fiber distribution frame

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