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Chinas fiber optic cable market continues to expand

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Chinas fiber optic cable market continues to expand

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From a global perspective, the growth rate of the entire fiber optic cable industry is slowing down. According to relevant data, the average growth rate of global cable production in 2003-2007 is 5.30%. This figure dropped to 1.20% in 2008, and in 2009 -7.70%. The wire and cable industry in the major developed countries and regions of the United States, Japan and Europe has a relatively early history. The optical cable industry has formed a mature industrial form in the process of economic development and industrialization. In the economic structure of these countries, the proportion of manufacturing industry has gradually declined and transferred, infrastructure has become more and more perfect, and economic growth has been relatively slow, forming a market pattern of declining demand and highly competitive industries.

However, from the current development trend of China, China's fiber optic cable market is facing unprecedented development, especially the power, shipbuilding industry, rail transit, new energy, communications industry ushered in rapid development, but also opened up for the fiber optic cable market. A brand new market. Moreover, in addition to China, India and other countries in rapid development, the demand for fiber optic cable products also increases rapidly with the development of the economy. In fact, in the past few years, a clear trend has been the rapid economic growth of emerging countries such as Asia, the shift in the production focus of the world's fiber optic cable to Asia, and the promotion of Egypt in China, India, Vietnam, the Philippines and the Middle East. Such as the rapid development of the national fiber optic cable industry. At the same time, due to the unification of Europe and relatively low manufacturing costs in Central and Eastern Europe, the fiber optic cable industry is also growing rapidly.

At present, in view of the Chinese market, the demand for ultra-high voltage optical cables and environmentally friendly optical cables is particularly large.

From the development trend of the world fiber optic cable industry technology, the current development direction is: large capacity, ultra high pressure, no oil, short circuit, high reliability, maintenance free. At present, cross-linked cables of various voltage levels have gradually replaced traditional oil-filled paper insulated power cables, and the application of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cross-linked optical cables has become increasingly widespread. According to the statistics of the British Commodity Research Institute (CRU) of the 2nd World Fiber Optic Cable Conference in 2008, the application of high voltage cables in the world in 2007 was: China 31.00%, Europe 24.00%, Northeast Asia 9.00%, North America 8.00%, South America 2.00%, 1.00% in Africa and 25.00% in other regions. The application of ultra-high voltage cable is: 15.00% in Europe, 15.00% in North America, 13.00% in Northeast Asia, 9.00% in China, 1.00% in Africa, and 47.00% in other regions. Environmentally friendly cables are not only the development trend of China's wire and cable industry, but also an international trend. Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have higher and higher requirements for the use of optical cables. It is strictly forbidden to use or import non-environmental-type optical cables, and it is stipulated that fiber-optic cables must comply with halogen-free, low-toxicity, flame retardant, and low smoke generation during combustion. No or less corrosive gases and harmful halogen-containing gases, no heavy metals such as lead, no pollution to the soil, high heat-resistant temperature, recycling of waste optical cable materials, etc., especially for product safety, no Indicators such as toxicity and flame retardancy are given special attention. With the EU's RoHS directive, the large-scale adoption of eco-friendly fiber optic cables has become an international trend.

In China, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have also clearly stipulated that the use of PVC wire and cable is prohibited in important buildings to avoid a large amount of smoke and halogen-containing gases in the event of fire, resulting in more casualties, using halogen-free low-smoke cross-linking Olefin insulated fiber optic cables have become local regulations in these regions. As the country's requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more strict, the demand for such environmentally-friendly optical cable products will gradually expand. This requires enterprises to continuously increase investment in technology research and development, and enterprises that do not meet environmental protection requirements will face the risk of being eliminated by the market.

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