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Fiber optic cable market demand is higher than expected, China will usher in the flow economy

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Fiber optic cable market demand is higher than expected, China will usher in the flow economy

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At present, China's share of global fiber demand is the largest, while China's fiber optic cable demand is higher than expected, and global fiber optic cable demand has reached a record high this year, exceeding 400 million core kilometers. China is still the driving force behind the development of the global fiber optic cable industry.

Looking at the development of China's fiber optic cable industry, the industry experienced a quantum leap in 2015. This year, under the guidance of China's "Broadband China", "Internet +" and "Triple Network Integration" policies, the downstream market of China's fiber optic cable industry will continue to expand.

According to the analysis of China Fiber Optic Cable Industry Report of Prospective Industry Research Institute, the average annual growth rate of Internet traffic in the global field is nearly 30%! This means that the fiber optic cable as the Internet infrastructure will scale with the flow consumption. The expansion has once again become the focus of investment.

At the same time, China's fiber optic cable manufacturing industry is also rising strongly. For major manufacturers, capacity expansion is just the right time. From the perspective of all aspects of the industrial chain, the field of optical fiber preforms still needs to be vigorously developed by operators. The shortage of optical fiber preforms in the market will limit the release of market demand. Therefore, this has become a major direction for investing in the fiber optic cable industry. .

In addition, fiber optic cable materials, fiber drawing and other sub-sections will also be extended with the expansion of fiber applications. However, relatively speaking, raw materials, preforms and other fields have higher profits.

From the current application status of fiber optic cable, the G.652 fiber used in the network can meet the needs of 100G network transmission. In addition, the optical fiber is gradually developing toward the ground damage and large effective area. For technological innovation, how to overcome the influence of nonlinear effects and solve the attenuation problem caused by long-distance transmission becomes the key.

Moreover, from the application field, in the future, fiber-optic cables will gradually become popular in non-communication fields, such as urban intelligent information system management, industrial industrial control, disaster prevention and control, etc., enterprises can focus on these areas.

Judging from the perspective of risk, the fiber optic cable industry is mainly facing whether the macro economy is stable, whether consumption and demand exist, and for the moment, the answer is quite certain. In the field, technological innovations will emerge in the downstream, especially in various types of network terminals, and such innovations will drive the demand for network applications and capacity.

Therefore, no matter from which point of view, the fiber optic cable industry will have a relatively broad space for development in the coming period.

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