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Fiber will enter new field development - monitoring transmission

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Fiber will enter new field development - monitoring transmission

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China's current broadband penetration rate is less than 10%, far from the level of 30% to 40% in developed countries. The formal rise of the broadband strategy to the national level is very necessary and timely. In recent years, with the official deployment of China's fiber-optic broadband network, network coverage and access rates have increased significantly. However, compared with developed countries, China's fiber access technology innovation capability and fiber broadband network penetration rate still have a large gap, especially the last 100 meters of fiber access technology, standards and application levels need to be further improved. With the advent of new optical fiber technology and the advancement of national policies, China's optical fiber transmission has entered a new development field and promoted the development of the security transmission industry.

New fiber optic technology comes out

According to relevant media reports, researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom have produced a new type of optical fiber that can transmit data at 99.7% of the speed of light. Using this new type of optical fiber, the researchers achieved a data transfer speed of 73.7 Tbps - roughly equivalent to 10 TBps, which is 1000 times faster than today's most advanced 49 Gb fiber optic fiber, and the delay rate is greatly reduced.

It is reported that the speed of light in a vacuum is 299792458 m / s, but the propagation speed in other media is usually much slower. In conventional optical fibers made of quartz glass, the speed of light is slowed by 31%. In fact, the speed of light transmission in the air is faster than that of glass. For this reason, researchers at the University of Southampton used a hollow optical fiber that was almost completely filled with air for transmission.

The researchers overcame this problem by thoroughly improving the hollow design, using a photonic band gap edge. This new design enables low loss (3.5dB/km), wide bandwidth (160nm) and much better delay than conventional fiber optics, resulting in a 31% increase in light and data transmission speed.

Security industry welcomes development opportunities

According to media reports, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a notice to implement the national standards for fiber-to-the-home. The notice calls for the full implementation of fiber-to-the-home in new residential buildings. According to the requirements of the fiber-to-the-home national standard, since April 1, 2013, in the county-level and above urban areas where the public telecommunication network has realized optical fiber transmission, the communication facilities for newly-built residential areas and residential buildings should adopt the fiber-to-the-home construction. At the same time, encourage and support qualified townships, rural areas, new residential areas and residential buildings to achieve fiber-to-the-home.

The notice also requested that the fiber-to-the-home renovation of existing residential buildings be accelerated. The competent departments of housing and urban construction and communication industry in various regions should increase the supervision of the sharing of resources for communication facilities in existing residential areas and residential buildings, and effectively solve the problem of difficult entry of fiber-to-the-home renovation. Analysts believe that the new regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the progress of fiber-optic households, especially the new regulations will be introduced in the form of national standards, which will be mandatory and will contribute to the gradual implementation of the development goals of fiber-optic broadband during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period.

It is reported that in mid-May 2012, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Broadband Network Infrastructure” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period will focus on the development of fiber-optic broadband network promotion projects in major cities in the east and central regions and western capital cities. The “Urban Optical Network” project was promoted, and the newly built residential quarters were fully implemented with fiber-optic households. The key enterprises and institutions basically realized the fiber-to-the-building. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the number of fiber-optic households in the country exceeded 40 million. On May 23, 2012, the State Council executive meeting made further instructions on the fiber-optic broadband propulsion project, requesting the accelerated popularization of fiber-optic households. At present, the three major telecom operators are accelerating the fiber-to-the-home process, and have launched fiber-optic home access services in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Fiber Monitoring Technology: Practical Application of New Security Technology

At present, there are also series of fiber monitoring technologies in China. Around 2000, research institutes such as Fudan University began research and development of optical fiber dynamic monitoring technology. In 2005, optical fiber detection and alarm products were put into trial use. Based on fiber optic dynamic sensing technology, there are successive products such as fiber intrusion vibration detection, fiber optic voice monitoring, optical fiber line security monitoring and fiber optic pipeline safety monitoring, which have outstanding features.

This type of system requires a combination of optoelectronics, materials, physics, electronics, communications, computers and other disciplines. Generally, research institutes with deep technical backgrounds are required to conduct research and development. At present, China's completely independent research and development, the technology route belongs to the international original technology has filled the domestic gap, and comprehensively overtake the similar technology abroad. A number of technical achievements have reached the international leading level in theory and technology. The national ministries and commissions, the science and technology departments of some provinces and cities, including some industry authorities, have begun to further promote the deepening and application of this technology. The technical products were successfully put into use during the Olympic Games and the World Expo. The outstanding features of this type of monitoring technology include:

Domestic fiber transmission industry development efforts

1. It is concealed and easy to lay. The optical fiber itself is a linear flexible medium, which can be concealed and non-destructively arranged in various environments and regions. The layout is flexible and free, and can fully complement the perimeter alarm, channel alarm and space alarm of the Wenbo security system. Review the defense line. Its concealment also greatly reduces the vigilance of intruders on security equipment.

2. It has outstanding anti-destructive properties. It is precisely because the optical fiber adopts the method of concealed layout, and the technical principle is also confidential. Unlike traditional technologies such as camera and infrared arresting line, it is easy to identify, avoid and destroy. At the same time, the optical fiber probe has no electromagnetic radiation and is more resistant to electromagnetic. Interference, common detection devices based on electromagnetic and metallic effects are difficult to detect fiber optic probes. Therefore, fiber optic monitoring technology is extremely evasive and damaging, and is extremely resistant to damage.

3. The optical fiber has the advantage of long non-relay transmission distance, and has low energy dependence. The sensor network deployed in the entire monitoring area does not require power supply, thus greatly reducing the potential safety hazard of electronic equipment to wood or other material structures. risks of. Moreover, the system that does not need power supply on site does not have to worry about the security system caused by the power failure.

4. Unlike the gaps that are generally avoided by the linear or physical blocking detection system, the optical fiber sensing network uses a three-dimensional cooperative sensing function, like a huge neural network, to make voices from above ground, underground and space. Picking, can accurately perceive the movement and sound of the entire layout area, comprehensively carry out intrusion detection of environmental changes, and accurately analyze and judge through intelligent behavior analysis and pattern recognition, and eliminate the environmental impact that may cause false alarms, and ensure The system makes high-accuracy notifications and alarms.

5, the fiber itself is a non-metallic passive device, not afraid of lightning strikes, in the natural environment, will not corrode, not afraid of rain and snow, and even can be used in wet and water environment. At the same time, the fiber sensor has no energy dissipation and will not become a heat source. It is suitable for flammable and explosive places and meets high-level fire protection requirements. It is very suitable for Wenbo, an important place with high security level and special security requirements.

6, fiber-optic voice monitoring is not subject to various electromagnetic interference, will not produce the current and electrical signal noise of electronic eavesdropping equipment, high-fidelity and time-delay-free synchronization to restore the sound of the scene.

7. The fiber-optic monitoring technology does not conflict with the existing video, infrared and other systems, and can be used interchangeably. The real implementation touches, hears and sees.

Domestic fiber transmission industry development efforts

The implementation of the broadband national strategy will definitely bring about the great development and prosperity of fiber access technology. China should seize this rare opportunity to seize the commanding heights of access technology and lay a solid foundation for the deployment of broadband applications and services, so that the people can truly enjoy low-cost and high-quality broadband services.

The fiber-optic broadband industry is one of the fastest growing and most developed industries in the information industry. Accelerating the construction of fiber-optic broadband network can promote the upgrading of network infrastructure, improve the ability of independent innovation, and stimulate the development of related industries. It is important for the financial crisis to achieve steady growth, adjust the structure, protect people's livelihood, promote stability, and even enhance the country's long-term competitiveness. Strategic significance.

In order to grasp the important opportunities for the development of optical fiber access, we must make efforts to seize the commanding heights of technological innovation from the following three aspects:

First, increase the innovation of fiber access technology and study the original fiber access technology suitable for China's characteristics.

As of 2011, the country's fiber-optic broadband users covered more than 80 million, and the number of new broadband users will exceed 50 million within three years. However, compared with developed countries, China still has a lot of shortcomings in the original technological innovation of fiber access, and the access cost of fiber access users is still relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended that the state establish a major special project for fiber-optic access technology, increase policy support, form international standards, patents and specifications for optical fiber access with independent intellectual property rights, and study low-cost optical fibers that meet China's application requirements and network requirements. Access products to better capture the commanding heights of fiber access technology innovation.

The second is to strengthen the technological innovation of the optical communication core network to effectively meet the higher requirements for the broadband network fiber access to the core network bandwidth and service processing capabilities.

With the rapid growth of the number of broadband fiber access users, the demand for information in the society has expanded dramatically. Especially in the past few years, Internet traffic has been exploding, and the existing core network technology will not be able to effectively meet the future popular broadband fiber access. After the huge demand formed. In order to better support the construction of national broadband infrastructure, research and innovation on key technologies of the core network should be intensified, such as 1Tb/s single-source optical transmission key technology, 100GDWDM ultra-large capacity optical transmission technology, and all-optical switching technology. It is recommended that the state support the core network technology research and development related enterprises through core network technology innovation special funds, tax rebate subsidies, special grants, etc., so as to better compete for the voice of global optical communication core technology innovation and promote China's fiber broadband network. Construction and development.

The third is to strengthen the research on the technologies, standards and products of the last 100 meters of fiber-optic broadband networks.

In the fiber access user side, especially in the fiber-to-the-home user family, China's existing fiber access technology is not suitable for the universal popularity of fiber-to-the-home in standards, technology, product realization, engineering design and implementation. There is still much room for improvement in the quality, reliability, and applicability of the access products during the construction of the fiber access network. Therefore, it is recommended that for the last 100 meters of fiber access, the state should increase its layout in terms of policies, projects and financial support. Through policy guidance, we will strengthen research and innovation in related technologies and standards for fiber access user access. Relevant parties also need to further strictly adhere to the quality and reliability requirements of products, and deploy various new types in popular and mandatory new urban buildings. Increase the implementation of small bend radius fiber, and further popularize the use of fiber safety education.

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