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Intelligent manufacturing helps the fiber optic cable industry from

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Intelligent manufacturing helps the fiber optic cable industry from

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Although China's fiber optic cable industry's output value and output have ranked first in the world, but the entire industry is still in the "big" rather than "strong" development stage, the management level of intelligent manufacturing is still not high enough, labor-intensive features remain very obvious. At the 2016 World Fiber Optic Cable Conference held recently, it is believed that intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend in the future. China's fiber optic cable industry wants to move from “big” to “strong”, which requires all aspects of the industry to jointly improve the capabilities and level of intelligent manufacturing. .

China's fiber optic cable industry is still at the level of Industry 2.0 and Industry 3.0, and the level of enterprise automation production and intelligent management needs to be improved. Intelligent manufacturing means the optimal combination of intelligent robots, sensors, data reserves and other technologies. With the help of the Industrial Internet, the company's supply chain, production process, warehousing, logistics and other aspects are intelligently connected to achieve maximum production efficiency and production process. Fully automated.

"For enterprises, development is a top priority." To survive and develop, enterprises must improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve management. Under the guidance of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, with the core of concept innovation, process innovation, process innovation and management innovation, we are committed to digital and network production, promote robot self-organization, and finally build efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly communication intelligence. factory.

Create an intelligent data exchange platform based on IoT technology, realize supply chain integration and optimization, enhance the independent innovation capability of enterprises, and promote refined and intelligent information management. With the help of the customer relationship management module, the business process is reengineered, and the precise connection between the supplier and the customer is realized. The intelligent manufacturing module is used to realize the intelligent manufacturing of the production line. Through the intelligent manufacturing storage module, the integrated management of materials and products is realized.

The ultimate goal of advancing smart manufacturing is to provide users with products and services that are more satisfying. The intelligent manufacturing strategy has two key points for the company, one is to create high-quality products, and the other is to provide more accurate services. Only by combining these two pieces of content will companies be able to take advantage of the ever-changing market competition.

Determine the enterprise intelligent manufacturing goal, that is, during the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the transition of China's accelerated economic development mode, firmly grasp the opportunities brought by the "Internet +" and Industry 4.0 to the optical communications industry, and build a global fiber optic cable in 2020. The most competitive cable group in the market. Based on the Chinese market, we will vigorously promote internationalization, and through cooperation to introduce technologies and products that are internationally advanced, as well as research results and modern management models in related technologies, further enrich Fortis' product line and enhance international management. Establish differentiated competitive advantages, and ultimately achieve complementary advantages and win-win.

For the prospect of the global fiber optic cable market, the global fiber optic cable market will continue to rise steadily in 2016. According to the CRU report, the installed capacity of fiber optic cables in the first half of the year exceeds 200 million core kilometers, and the global fiber optic cable demand is expected in 2016. The volume will exceed 440 million core kilometers, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. In the Chinese market, with the promotion of “Broadband China”, “Internet Plus”, “Belt and Road” and “Made in China 2025”, the market will continue to show good development in the next 3 to 5 years.

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