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Winter fiber optic cable laying wiring precautions

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Winter fiber optic cable laying wiring precautions

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Winter fiber optic cable laying wiring considerations:

There are clear provisions in the construction and acceptance specifications. The purpose is to prevent the cable from becoming brittle due to low temperature and causing damage to the cable during the laying process. At the same time, the large-size cable will become hard due to the low temperature and cannot be laid. Generally, there are also winter constructions, but they should be kept in a warm room beforehand, and they should be constructed at a high temperature during the daytime at noon. At the same time, the following points should be noted:

1) The construction of optical cable shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications of the construction;

2) When the cable is turned, the turning radius is 15-20 times larger than the diameter of the cable itself. For example, when the overhead cable is in the upper and lower towers, the bending angle should be minimized, and the cable coil should be assisted to reduce the cable tension;

3) Before the cable is laid, appropriate training should be carried out for the construction and related personnel on matters needing attention in the construction, such as the method and safety of the method of release, and ensure that the construction personnel obey the command;

4) Relevant personnel should be arranged at the place where the cable reel is placed, crossing obstacles, terrain bends, etc., in order to find problems in time, eliminate faults, control the speed in the pay-off line, and reduce the tension of the pay-off reel;

5) If there are obstacles in the process of laying the cable, stop dragging and dropping and eliminate it in time. Can not be towed with force, otherwise it will cause damage to the cable;

6) When the cable is laid, the tension should be stable and cannot exceed the required tension of the cable standard.

7) When the cable is subjected to a large tension and passes through a pulley with a small bending radius or a hard surface with an angular angle at a small angle, the cable is partially subjected to a side pressure far greater than the rated value, causing damage to the internal structure of the cable, causing damage to the cable. Fiber.

8) The construction unit of the optical cable should continuously summarize the experience and strive to improve the construction quality and prevent the occurrence of similar construction accidents.

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