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Introduction of trunk optical cable, distribution optical cable, and household optical cable

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Introduction of trunk optical cable, distribution optical cable, and household optical cable

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Main cable

Main cable: It is the feeder cable, which refers to the cable from the end to the optical junction box. Generally, the general outdoor cable is used. The number of cores of the trunk cable will be more, from hundreds of cores to hundreds of hundreds.

Core, even thousands of cores.

The laying of trunk cables usually includes piping, direct burial and overhead.

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Distribution cable

Wiring cable: refers to the cable from the optical junction box to the optical distribution box. Generally, a general-purpose outdoor optical cable is used.

The wiring cable construction method refers to the trunk cable. Between the city's buildings and buildings, we often see tidy and secure wiring cables along existing or external walls.

  Distribution cable


Home optical cable

Incoming fiber optic cable: It is a leather fiber optic cable, which refers to a single-core or multi-core optical fiber cable connected to the user's home.

Home optical cable

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