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Power cable manufacturers explain the main bearing components of ADSS cable is aramid yarn

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Power cable manufacturers explain the main bearing components of ADSS cable is aramid yarn

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Power cable manufacturers today lead everyone to understand the main bearing components of ADSS cable is aramid yarn.

The smart grid requires the power system to be supported by information technology to realize the characteristics of informationization, automation and interaction of the power grid. The construction of FTTx and 3G networks requires information communication to solve the problem of power consumption of network terminal equipment, so it is applied to the power system. All kinds of composite cables and special optical cables that are both power transmission and information communication, that is, power cables.

Power cable manufacturer

All-media self-supporting optical cable ADSS and metal self-supporting optical cable-MASS

1) Metal self-supporting optical cable-MASS-stainless steel tube fiber-optic unit structure. Considering that the MASS cable is the same as the ADSS cable, it can be erected with the existing tower. To reduce the additional load on the tower, the MASS cable is required to have a small structure and light weight. Therefore, the MASS cable structure adopts a central tube type, that is, a galvanized steel wire or an aluminum-clad steel wire is stranded outside the stainless steel fiber unit, and the galvanized steel wire is generally considered from the viewpoint of cost.

The MASS cable is similar to the ADSS cable in mechanical design, and also requires the span-pull-eddy check. However, when installing and laying, you should choose the appropriate suspension point to maintain a certain safe distance from the power line. On the other hand, because the MASS cable is a metal structure, it can be easily solved by good grounding treatment and selection of weak electric field installation points. Electrical corrosion problem. Because the MASS cable is an all-metal structure, it can also be used as an effective anti-rat cable overhead application in some rodent areas.

2) All-media self-supporting optical cable ADSS is a special optical cable that uses the existing high-voltage transmission tower and erected with the same power line. It has the advantages of low engineering cost, convenient construction, high safety and easy maintenance.

The ADSS cable is self-supporting overhead laying and should have a large tensile strength to ensure that it can carry external environmental impact during normal operation. The main bearing component of ADSS cable is aramid yarn. According to the structure, it can be divided into two types: central tube type and layer strand type. The layer stranded structure is divided into single sheath layer and double sheath structure.

In the mechanical design of ADSS cable, in addition to a certain tensile strength, it is also necessary to consider the safety distance of the ADSS cable installed on the ground at a certain span and the safety distance to the ground under full load environment to prevent the normal operation of the road surface. On the other hand, due to the existence of a certain high-voltage electric field environment around the high-voltage power line, it is easy to corrode and damage the ADSS cable. Therefore, the ADSS cable should not only select a suitable suspension point when laying, but also the outer sheath must have a certain resistance to electric corrosion. According to DL/T 788-2001 "all medium self-supporting optical cable" standard requirements, the outer sheath can be divided into A grade (potential less than 12kV) and grade B (potential greater than 12kV), of which grade B sheath (usually called resistance Electric trace sheath material) According to the actual application, it is generally recommended that the operating potential of the suspension point does not exceed 25kV.

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