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ADSS power cable

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ADSS power cable

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ADSS power cable

ADSS power cable

Detailed introduction of ADSS cable:

1 Overview:

1. ADSS full-media self-supporting optical cable, ADSS optical cable has excellent optical fiber transmission performance, optical cable mechanical performance and environmental performance, and can be erected with the high-voltage power transmission line. It is used as a perfect transmission medium for power grid communication for power systems, and in the strong electric field environment, the optical cable transmission signal will not be affected by any interference, the communication quality is not affected at all, and the quality of the optical cable is not affected at all. It is the most effective and convenient for the power transmission. transfer method.

It is suitable for long-distance communication and inter-office communication. It is mainly used for communication lines of overhead high-voltage transmission systems, and can also be used for communication lines in overhead installation environments such as lightning-prone areas and large spans.

2.ADSS full-media self-supporting optical cable laying method: self-supporting overhead

3. Applicable temperature: -40 ° C ~ +60 ° C

4.ADSS full-media self-supporting optical cable Related certificates: power supply special communication equipment network license

5.ADSS full medium self-supporting optical cable

ADSS full media self-supporting light

ADSS full media self-supporting light

2 product features:

1. Optical fiber transmission loss is small and dispersion is low.

2. Optical cable has excellent mechanical and environmental properties.

3. Compact structure and SZ layer stranding structure to ensure that the fiber is not stressed under harsh environment.

4. The optical cable is all non-metallic structure, light in weight, easy to lay and strong against electromagnetic interference.

5. The optical cable is self-propelled, has high tensile strength, strong resistance to external environment, and strong flexibility and bending resistance.

6. Anti-electromagnetic interference and strong resistance to electric corrosion: The materials constituting the optical cable must be non-metallic materials, and the outer sheath is made of electric-resistant polyethylene sheath material (when the space of the cable laying area is ≥12kv).

7. It has good temperature and environmental speciality and is suitable for overhead environment: The design of optical cable fully considers the influence of external conditions such as wind speed, ice, temperature difference and creep, and has impact resistance, vibration resistance, repeated bending resistance and heat aging prevention. , flame retardant and other properties.

8. Low line cost: easy to install and erect: the cable can be directly mounted on the original tower without changing the power transmission tower.

9. Light weight and small load on the tower: The aramid yarn with high elastic modulus and high strength is used as the tensile element in the ADSS cable, which replaces the steel wire reinforcement member in the ordinary optical cable, which fundamentally reduces the weight of the cable. .

10. The optical cable adopts AT or AT sheath, which is suitable for different grade voltages; light weight, small cable diameter, reducing ice, wind and load on towers and supports; large span, span of up to 1000 meters, suitable for :Overhead; the imported aramid armoring process greatly improves the tensile strength of the cable; the precisely controlled fiber length and cable twisting pitch ensure excellent tensile and temperature characteristics of the cable; no power failure, power line The fault does not affect the normal transmission of the cable.

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