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ADSS power non-metallic self-supporting aerial cable

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ADSS power non-metallic self-supporting aerial cable

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Adss cable product description:

The cable adopts a loose-layer twisted structure, and the optical fiber is inserted into a loose tube made of a high modulus polyester material, and the casing is filled with a waterproof compound. The loose tube (and the filling rope) is twisted around a non-metallic center reinforcing core (FRP) into a compact core, and the gap in the core is filled with a water-blocking paste. The outer core of the cable is extruded into a polyethylene (PE) inner sheath, and then two layers of reinforcing aramid yarn are twisted in two directions, and finally a polyethylene (PE) jacket or an electric corrosion resistant (AT) jacket is extruded.

Adss cable product picture:

The design of the optical cable fully considers the actual situation of the power line and is suitable for different levels of high-voltage transmission lines. Polyethylene (PE) jackets may be used for 10kV and 35kV power lines; for 110kV and 220kV power lines, the electric field strength distribution must be calculated to determine the cable hanging point and an electrolytically resistant (AT) outer sheath. At the same time, the amount of aramid and the perfect stranding process are carefully designed to meet the application requirements of different spans.

ADSS power non-metallic self-supporting aerial cable

ADSS power non-metallic self-supporting aerial cable


Adss cable product features:

Can be erected continuously;

Adopting AT sheath, excellent resistance to electric corrosion;

Light weight and small cable diameter reduce the impact of ice, wind and load on towers and supports;

Large span, the maximum span is more than 1500 meters;

The precisely controlled aramid armoring process greatly improves the tensile strength of the cable;

Precisely controlled fiber length and cable twisting pitch ensure excellent tensile and temperature characteristics of the cable;

Life expectancy is greater than 30 years.

The ADSS cable is hung on the inside of the cable and can be erected continuously.

Light weight, small cable, small load on the tower

Large span, up to 1200 meters

Polyethylene sheath for good electrical corrosion resistance

Non-metallic structure, lightning protection

Imported aramid, good tensile and temperature properties, suitable for severe weather such as the north

Adss cable application range:

In the new and old power lines, the same tower as the power line is erected;

Where a large leap is required;

Strong electric field, multiple lightning, cold and other areas.

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