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Power cable manufacturers tell you: China Telecom smart fiber broadband new standard release: fiber optic cable companies will benefit

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Power cable manufacturers tell you: China Telecom smart fiber broadband new standard release: fiber optic cable companies will benefit

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Shandong Yibo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. tells you: On January 17, China Telecom Group's intelligent fiber-optic broadband conference was held in conjunction with 31 provincial-level administrative regions. The conference aims to redefine the high-speed broadband communication service capability of 100 megabits and above, improve the access rate for users, enrich the application content, and upgrade the service experience.

It is reported that China Telecom's intelligent fiber-optic broadband starts at a 100-megabit broadband rate and leads at a super-high speed of 1,000 megabytes. It is constantly filling all 4K Tianyi HD, Tianyi intelligent networking, home cloud terabyte storage, HD Tianyi homesick, broadband intelligent speed-up and other innovative services. Accelerate the cultivation of new broadband advantages based on intelligent terminals, quality services, ecological cooperation and technical standards, and play a leading role in demonstration and driving, and continue to build the industry benchmark for the home broadband market.

In recent years, as a national backbone communication operator, China Telecom has been making continuous efforts to build a new generation of information infrastructure. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, a total investment of about 200 billion yuan was used for broadband fiber-optic transformation, fiber-to-the-home construction and backbone network expansion and upgrading. In the past five years, three broadband speed-ups were achieved. At present, China Telecom's 100M fiber-to-the-home coverage covers about 370 million households. ChinaNet's backbone Internet bandwidth reaches 113T, and fiber-optic broadband users have exceeded 100 million, making it the world's largest fiber-optic broadband operator.

In terms of broadband speed increase, China Telecom has a far-reaching plan. This plan will further upgrade the fiber-optic broadband network from 2016 to provide users with 1000-megabit intelligent fiber-optic broadband services. It is estimated that by 2020, urban households will generally have 1000 megabits of broadband access capability.

The release of China Telecom's new intelligent fiber-optic broadband standard will also have a certain stimulating effect on the development of the fiber-optic cable industry. It will start with a 100-megabit broadband rate and be led by Gigabit intelligent fiber-optic broadband, which means that the investment opportunities in the industry chain have been Being opened means that the demand for fiber optic cable will increase, and the industry companies represented by Changfei, Hengtong Optoelectronics and Zhongtian Technology will benefit from it.

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