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Fiber optic cable industry prospects

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Fiber optic cable industry prospects

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Fiber optic cable industry prospects

China's fiber optic cable industry is developing rapidly and the industry chain is perfect. It has become the most important communication fiber optic cable manufacturing base in the world and one of the most important communication fiber optic cable consumer markets in the world. Fiber optic cable

The industry's customer base is relatively concentrated, and the three major state-owned telecom operators are the main end customers in the domestic fiber optic cable market.

China's fiber optic cable production has steadily increased, accounting for more than half of global production. According to the data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute's "Fiber Optic Cable Industry Development Prospects and Investment Forecast Analysis Report", the global fiber optic cable shipments in 2016 were 3.68 trillion core kilometers, up 22% year-on-year. The growth was mainly from China. In the market, China's optical cable shipments in 2016 were 2.02 trillion core kilometers, accounting for 55% of the global market.


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In the long run, before the new round of 5G mobile communication investment, fixed-line broadband access will achieve a leap from 100M to 500M, 1000M, and build a new generation of FTTH network with Gigabit broadband to the target.

It is expected to lead the optical communications industry to develop a new market engine in the next one or two years, and today's NG-PON deployment is also directly preparing for the bearer network of 5G mobile communication. Wei Leping pointed out that 5G proposed to the bearer network

A lot of requirements. The first is speed and bandwidth; the second is latency performance, to meet ms-level end-to-end service deployment, to achieve architectural optimization and flattening, to reduce fiber-optic routing, and to introduce mec and 1μs

Class of ultra low latency devices. Again, the network architecture is adjusted, including CU/DU separation and core network cloudization. Finally, the cost challenge, transmission cost reduction requirements are half of Moore's Law, pre-transmission network capacity

The biggest, the pressure is also the biggest. The construction of 5G base stations requires fiber optic interconnection. According to the estimation of the organization, the demand for fiber in the 5G period (2020-2015) totals about 308 million core kilometers.

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