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OPGW cable

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OPGW cable

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OPGW cable

     The optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) is a ground wire that integrates the communication optical cable and the lightning protection line of the overhead transmission line. It must meet the technical requirements of optical fiber communication, and at the same time meet the characteristic requirements necessary for the ground wire, including machinery. Strength and electrical performance. Because this kind of ground wire is built into the stranded wire, it is installed on the ground top frame of the high-voltage overhead transmission line. It has the advantages of safety, reliability, no electromagnetic induction and maintenance-free. Therefore, it has been abroad since the late 1970s. Gradually applied in overhead transmission lines, and the use of more and more, according to incomplete statistics, the world has laid OPGW cable up to 100,000 kilometers. Since the 1990s in China, the use of OPGW fiber optic cable has also been increasing. At present, more than 10,000 kilometers of lines are in operation.

OPGW cable

The main characteristic parameters of the OPGW cable are almost always related to the line distance of the line tower, the sag characteristics, the wind load and the ice load, the suspension point of the OPGW cable, and the allowable tension. It can be summarized as follows:

(1) the number of optical fibers;

(2) fiber type and optical characteristics;

(3) The total outer diameter (mm) of the OPGW cable;

(4) Calculated conductor cross-sectional area (mm2);

(5) Calculated linear mass (kg/km);

(6) rated breaking force (RTS) (KN);

(7) modulus of elasticity (MPa);

(8) Linear expansion coefficient (1/°C *E-6);

(9) Linear DC resistance (ohm/km);

(10) Maximum allowable operating temperature range (°C);

(11) Short-circuit current capacity (I2t) (KA2·S);

(12) Maximum allowable tensile force (MAT) (KN).

The OPGW cable with excellent performance should meet the above requirements. At the same time, in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the OPGW cable used, and to check whether it meets the requirements required by the project, various characteristics experiments should be carried out.

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