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Standard loose tube layer stranded light cable (GYTS)

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Standard loose tube layer stranded light cable (GYTS)

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Standard loose tube layer stranded light cable (GYTS)

product description:

    The structure of the GYTS cable is to insert a single-mode or multi-mode fiber into a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic filled with a water blocking compound. The center of the core is a metal reinforcing core. For some cores, the metal reinforcing core needs to be extruded with a layer of polyethylene. The loose tube (and the filling rope) is twisted around the center reinforcing core. A circular core with a gap in the core filled with a water-blocking filler. The double-coated plastic strip (PSP) is longitudinally wrapped and the polyethylene outer sheath is cabled.


1. Precise control of the excess length of the fiber ensures that the cable has good tensile and temperature characteristics.

2. The loose tube material itself has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength. The tube is filled with special grease to protect the fiber.

3, good pressure resistance and softness

4. PE sheath has good anti-ultraviolet radiation performance and environmental stress crack resistance.

5, the following measures are taken to ensure the waterproof performance of the cable

6, single wire center reinforcement

7, the loose tube is filled with special fiber paste

8, 100% cable core filling

9. Double-sided coated steel strip (PSP) improves the moisture-proof ability of the cable.

10, good water blocking material to prevent longitudinal leakage of cable

Technical Parameters:

Cable core number Cable diameter Cable weight Allowable tensile force Allowable crushing force

(mm) (kg/km) Long-term / short-term (N) Long-term / short-term (N/10cm)

2-30 9.0 89 600/1500 300/1000

32-60 10.1 106 600/1500 300/1000

62-72 11.2 138 600/1500 300/1000

74-96 12.6 162 600/2000 300/1000

98-120 14.0 191 600/2500 300/1000

122-144 15.4 226 600/2500 300/1000

146-216 15.5 235 600/2500 300/1000

218-288 17.6 284 600/2500 300/1000

Operating temperature: -40 ° C to +60 ° C

Bending radius: static 10 times cable outer diameter

Dynamic 20 times cable outer diameter

Laying method: pipeline, non-self-supporting overhead

This product brief is for reference only, the product parameters are subject to the contract.


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