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900μm Hytrel empty tube

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900μm Hytrel empty tube

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900μm Hytrel empty tube

Product Description / PRODUCT

900μm Hytrel air tube is widely used in the production of optical fiber connectors, and can be worn over 15m.

Product Features / PRODUCT

  1. The outer diameter of the fiber-optic protection empty tube is uniform, and the fiber-piercing performance is good;

  2, the geometrical consistency of the empty pipe is good;

  3, excellent heat resistance, the higher the hardness, the better the heat resistance;

  4. High impact resistance and excellent elasticity at low temperature, high toughness;

  5, chemical resistance, excellent oil resistance;

  6, weather resistance and aging resistance;

  7. Easily extract fiber 2m

Technical Specifications / PRODUCT

  1. Outer diameter: ф0.9mm ±0.05mm

  2. Inner diameter: ф0.6mm ±0.05mm

  3, roundness: ≥ 85%

  4, shrinkage rate: ≤ 3 ‰

Product Application / PRODUCT

Active and passive optical components pigtails and jumpers.

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