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Outdoor cable price manufacturers tell you: the development of optical fiber sensing technology animal network trillion market

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Outdoor cable price manufacturers tell you: the development of optical fiber sensing technology animal network trillion market

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Shandong Yibo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. tells you that the fiber optic sensor consists of several parts, including light source, transmission fiber, detector, signal processing equipment. Its working principle is to transport light through the optical fiber to the modulator, so that the measurement parameters and the light in the modulation area act, so that the properties of the light change greatly, and the light emitted by the light source becomes modulated. The signal light is then transmitted to the photodetector by means of an optical fiber, thereby converting the optical signal into an electrical signal, and finally the physical quantity of the north side is restored by the signal processing device.

In real life, there are many types of fiber optic sensors, but we have classified these sensor types into two types, namely, sensing type and light transmitting type. Compared with traditional electric sensors, fiber optic sensors have many advantages, such as strong anti-interference ability, good insulation and high sensitivity. Therefore, fiber optic sensors are currently in various fields.

Fiber optic sensors help the development of the Internet of Things, the market capacity is nearly trillion

Since the emergence of fiber optic sensors, its advantages and applications have attracted the attention of people in various countries. And in-depth research on fiber optic sensing technology. Nowadays, physical quantities such as displacement, temperature, speed, and angle can be measured by fiber optic sensors. Nowadays, many western developed countries will focus on fiber optic sensor research in fiber optic control systems, nuclear radiation monitoring, civil programs, etc., and have achieved gratifying results.

China's research on fiber optic sensors started late, and many research institutes and enterprises have made in-depth research on fiber optic sensors to promote the development of fiber optic sensing technology. In 2010, Zhang Xuping's "Brillouin effect continuous distributed optical fiber sensing technology" passed the expert's appraisal. The expert group believes that this technology has strong innovation and the technology has reached the world's advanced level. Therefore, it has broad development prospects. The development of this technology is mainly the application of Internet of Things technology, which has accelerated the development of China's Internet of Things.

Sensors are an extremely important part of the Internet of Things. Therefore, the performance of the sensor determines the performance of the Internet of Things. It can be said that the main means of obtaining information in the Internet of Things is the sensor. In this way, the reliability and accuracy of the information collected by the sensor will have an impact on the control node processing and transmission of information. From this point of view, the reliability and anti-interference of the sensor will play an important role in the performance of the Internet of Things application.

Application of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology in Internet of Things

Through the above analysis, it is known that the development of the Internet of Things must rely on a large number of sensors to obtain various environmental parameters, so as to obtain more reliable data information for the Internet of Things, and then through the system processing, get the results people need. The following is a detailed discussion of the application of fiber optic sensing technology in the Internet of Things.

Currently, there are four types of fiber optic sensors that are the most widely used, namely fiber optic gyroscopes, fiber optic hydrophones, fiber grating sensors, and fiber optic current sensors. Among them, fiber optic gyro has three types: interference type, resonance type and Brillouin type. Interferometric fiber optic gyroscope is a very mature first stage commercialization stage. Resonant fiber optic gyroscope is the second generation in laboratory research stage. The Liyuan fiber optic gyroscope is the third-generation fiber optic gyro sensor in the theoretical research stage; the fiber optic hydrophone is an underwater sound signal sensor based on optical fiber and optoelectronic technology. This sensor is highly sensitive to fiber coherent detection. The sound signal in the water is converted into an optical signal, and then transmitted to the signal processing system through the optical fiber to be converted into a sound signal. The sensor can be classified into an interference type, an intensity type, a grating type, etc. according to the principle; Strain sensors, temperature sensors and pressure sensors, among which fiber Bragg grating sensors are the research hotspots in recent years, most of which belong to the light intensity type and the interference type, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since the development of electric power has been advancing by leaps and bounds this year, in the face of the measurement problem of strong current, the fiber-optic current sensor can well avoid some accidents caused by excessive power.

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