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Outdoor cable price manufacturers comment: "Broadband China" should be balanced

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Outdoor cable price manufacturers comment: "Broadband China" should be balanced

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Shandong Yibo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. tells you: "The Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Some Major Issues" proposes to integrate scientific and technological planning and resources to improve the government's support for basic, strategic, cutting-edge scientific research and common technology research. mechanism.

The relevant person in charge of the Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said recently that a new state-level Internet backbone direct link will be established in seven cities in Chengdu and Wuhan. After completion, it will greatly improve the efficiency of China's Internet network and promote the implementation of the "Broadband China" strategy. Previously, the "Broadband China" Strategy and Implementation Plan officially upgraded broadband development to a national strategy. It is proposed that by 2015, urban fiber-to-the-building and rural broadband will enter the village, and by 2020, broadband will be basically covered.

Broadband entry is often seen in newspapers and has become a common phenomenon. To make the "Broadband China" strategy come to an early stage, it is necessary to solve the "big" problem of unclear public infrastructure, unbalanced regional and urban-rural development, and insufficient application services. It is also difficult to solve the problem of broadband access and information sharing. "piece of cake.

According to estimates, to implement the "Broadband China" strategy, about 2 trillion yuan of infrastructure construction funds will need to be invested by 2020. Limited to the financial pressure, telecom operators will tend to invest in some areas with good returns, while in areas such as rural areas and the central and western regions where network construction is difficult and investment returns are not high, broadband construction is relatively lagging behind.

In order to solve the problem of broadband construction funds, the “Broadband China” strategy mentioned the need to use the establishment of universal service funds and government procurement services, but still need to introduce more detailed follow-up measures. All of these require the government to adopt a multi-pronged approach and increase support for capital and fiscal and taxation policies.

For the time being, there are two reasons for this problem: First, the competition in the broadband market is fierce, and second, the policy is difficult to land. Although the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have issued a notice requesting that new homes must be fiber-optic, the property must not restrict operator access. However, the implementation effect remains to be seen.

It is also crucial to cultivate the broadband market and foster broadband applications. The “Broadband China” strategy is in line with the promotion of information consumption, and is an important cornerstone of the latter and a breakthrough in investment. To develop broadband applications and expand information consumption, the government must open up more information. In Hubei Province, China Telecom and the Wuhan Municipal Transportation Department cooperated to collect information from some traffic cameras to the public. Users can view the real-time traffic conditions of designated locations on the TV through the broadband network, benefiting the masses.

However, we must also see that there are still many difficulties in the disclosure of government information in many areas of China. Some departments are reluctant to share information, and some have different data formats and are difficult to interconnect. Only when there is more information on the "information highway" can we support the construction and maintenance of broadband and realize its role in driving economic development.

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